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Butter: All Moto Flavored! & Butter2 - Four Wheel Flavored DVD's (2 DVD's total) 





Jump into the world of ‘Big Air’ All-Terrain Vehicle (ATV) riding with Derek Guetter as he Tours the country with his Live Show and Butter film crew discovering epic locations and talented riders that eat, sleep, and breathe life on 4-wheels.


Butter2 combines entertaining stories and full-throttle ATV action across various disciplines of riding & terrains with excellent camera work and soundtrack to match- Suitable for all ages!


See the fastest ATV racers in the world ride epic motocross tracks in Texas and Florida. Road trip 1,100 miles for a group ride in the Oklahoma sand dunes. Haul 70 mph on a frozen lake in Minnesota in below 0 temperatures!


An insane 3-wheeler museum, a monster 165ft dirt jump built entirely with shovels, and a whole lot more in another exciting ATV film by Derek Guetter & Luke Parmeter Productions.


ATV Riding Includes: ATV Freestyle, ATV MX Racing, Sand Dunes, Indoor ATV Supercross, Ice Racing, Freeriding, & More.




- California

- Colorado

- Florida

- Minnesota

- Oklahoma

- Texas

- Virginia

- Wisconsin


Directed By: Derek Guetter

Produced By: Derek & Larissa Guetter

Lead Film & Editor: Luke Parmeter Productions


Starring: Derek Guetter, Jon Guetter, Binky Tapscott, Chad Wienen, Joel Hetrick, Thomas Brown, Casey Bray, John Langaas, Nick Rogers, Cody Ford, Bryce Ford, Parker Wewerka, Daryl Rath, Tucker Rath, Brock Zychowski, Justin Schroepfer, Adam Thene, Colten Moore, Anthony Murray, Jake Cohoe, Michael Relyea, Ty Hudson, Adam McGill, Hunter Hart, Hannah Hunter, Jessica Elioff & More


Music By:

The Chelsea Smiles, Before My Eyes, Strung Out, Light the Torch, 28 Days, Midnight Satellites & More


Sponsored by:

Root River Racing


ATV Big Air Tour


Luke Parmeter Productions


Binky’s Forever ATC

Dennis Kirk

Ride MN

Ford Brothers Racing

Wienen Motorsports

Rath Racing

SSI Decals

Cedarlake Arena


AK Photo



RP Race

BVC Trikes



Butter2 DVD includes the original Butter DVD FREE

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