Fallout 1 - 3 DVD Box Set 


The Award Winning trilogy from Akraix Entertainment that started it all. 



The FallOut Volume One DVD Product Review by Ryan Verrastro @ ATV Riders 


Epic is the only suitable one-word explanation for the new film tilted: Fallout Volume One. Simply put this video contains the most amazing ATV stunt work ever to be captured on film. It’s hard to believe that this is the debut film for the Akraix gang! 


Akraix intial film contains plenty of Freestyle/Free-riding, but they definitely keep it interesting by providing some unusual twist, like attempting a backflip into a pond along with some freestyle action side by side with snowmobiles to dirt in Minnesota.


The Fallout utilizes every inch of your television screen with never-ending quad awesomeness. Packed into the film is a great crash section that shows the aftermath of a helicopter freestyle session gone wrong (that’s right, the helicopter was doing tricks) and some of the worst injuries I’ve ever seen in on film. 


The List of Pilots: Jon Guetter, Derek Guetter, Kelly Chang, Garret Engelstad, Caleb Moore, Josh Normington, Dave Smith, Steve Weissinger, Austin Wilson, Cody Anderson, Joe Arrowsmith, Tavis Cain, Ben Bettis, Sage Baker, Andy Lagzdins, Harlen Foley, Todd Potter, Jimmy Blaze, “Mad” Mike Jones, Travis Pastrana, Kevin Gardner, Ryan Bemis, Chris Burandt, Jimmy Osborn, Jesper Roslin, August Goebel, Cody Hill, Colten Moore, Crazy Casey, Chuck Glacken, Shawn Anderson, Taylor Moles, Thomas Brown and Ben Looney


Locations Invaded: California, Texas, Minnesota, Illinois, Maryland, Hawaii, Washington, Pennsylvania, New Zealand, Australia and Spain

Fallout 1-3 DVD Box Set


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