Butter. It's the first lap on a freshly groomed track. It's pushing the limits of what's possible in the delicate balance of man vs. machine.


Butter: All Moto Flavored! is a flawless fusion of two- and four-wheel moto action with an exclusive view into the lives of the top ATV and motocross riders on the planet.


Shot in stunning high definition across North America, Butter: All Moto Flavored! takes riders to dream locations with lush, rolling hills, at first-class tracks, and previously untapped venues.


Featuring an all-star cast, ride the spectacular landscapes with legends Doug Gust, Dana Creech, Mike Mason, and Jeremy "Twitch" Stenberg, and the next generation of riders, Chad Wienen, Joel Hetrick, Colten Moore, Jerry Robin, and more.

Brought to you by the creators of the Fallout series & the ATV Big Air Tour - Off-Road Thrill Show. 


ATV Rider / Founder / Producer / Promoter

He may be the little brother of the family but he packs a big punch! One of less than a dozen people in the entire world to have successfully landed a backflip on an ATV and with over 16 years riding professionally, his style and extension on his bottomless bag of tricks rivals the best in the biz!


Wether he’s managing the ATV Big Air Tour, creating new ATV films, riding in worldwide freestyle tours such as ‘The Crusty Demons of Dirt’ and ‘Nuclear Cowboyz’, being a stunt double in Hollywood productions, or being played as a character in video games like ‘MX vs ATV’, he can be found playing guitar, building professional caliber motocross tracks, and working on the family farm. Married to “Tour Mum” Larissa and father to their 3-year-old daughter Lanah this family man is equally impressive off the bike as he is on it.


Lead Videographer / Editor / Producer 

It all started in 2008, when Luke Parmeter's passion for video production led him to create Luke Parmeter Productions.


Since then, Parmeter has worked with clients across the country, including Marshfield Clinic, Red Bull, Monster Energy Supercross, Coldwell Banker, Golden Eagle Log & Timber Homes, Dirt Monkey Excavating, Feld Entertainment, and many more. His work has been featured on NBC, NBC Sports, Fox Sports 1, ESPN, iTunes, Amazon Prime, and Red Bull TV.


In 2013, Parmeter teamed up with the Guetter brothers to Film, Edit & Produce Butter: All Moto Flavored! which reached #1 on iTunes Sports. 


In 2016, Feld Entertainment enlisted Parmeter to produce the groundbreaking television series, “Monster Energy Supercross - Chasing the Dream,” a 4 episode series that aired exclusively on FS1. Parmeter oversaw production from initial concept to final delivery, including editing all (4) 1 hour shows.

In 2017, Parmeter produced and edited "Monster Energy Supercross 2017 Preview Show" which aired exclusively on FS1.

In 2018, Parmeter produced, filmed, and edited "Building My Dream Home" for Golden Eagle Log and Timber Homes.

In 2019, Parmeter co-produced and edited "Monster Energy Supercross 2019 Preview Show" which aired exclusively on NBC.




Art Director / Photographer / Videographer

Dan's love for motorcycles started as a little kid growing up in a small town of only 700 people in Southwest Minnesota. Growing up, motorcycles were the way of staying out of trouble and it has been his dream since he was 15 to make a living being a part of the industry that he loves so much. Dan has been in the graphic design industry for 15 years now and his experience has included magazine contributing editor and designer at Transworld, marketing graphics coordinator at HPI Racing and even producing five action sport movies with his brothers.


After 9 years of honing his experience, Dan was able to get his dream job of working for Tucker Rocky which has allowed him to work as a graphic designer for both Malcolm Smith and Answer Racing.


Dan's career with Tucker Rocky started out as marketing design and over the last four years has grown to include product design, photography, videography and catalog layout. Dan truly believes that it is important to master many areas of the design field in order to stay at the forefront of our industry.


Assistant Producer / Rider Manager 

Jon Guetter is one of the most well-known ATV freestyle riders in the world. In 2004, he became the first person to successfully backflip an ATV, and 15 years later he’s still traveling the globe doing what he loves while raising two wonderful daughters with his wife in Minnesota.


He regularly performs on the Masters of Dirt tour in Europe and Australia, while riding numerous other shows in the U.S.—always enjoying a good show close to home in the Midwest.


You’d never guess that Jon is one the biggest celebrities in the ATV industry; he’s one of the nicest, most down-to-earth guys you’ll ever meet. He is always willing to chat it up with the fans, whether it’s about the sport or simply discussing a good cup of coffee.


Administration / Operations / Distributing 

Ensuring every action-packed, jaw-dropping show & video production goes off without a hitch requires countless hours of work and planning behind the scenes. To say this “tour & business mum” wears a lot of hats would be the understatement of the year. From website design and public relations to minute by minute organization and daily meal prep for the entire crew, of all the responsibilities on her plate the one she enjoys the most is by the side of her husband Derek as his right-hand lady.   


When she’s not handling everything with the tour and raising their 3-year-old daughter, this super mom consumes any free time she can get with reading, arts and crafts, and strengthening her mind and the minds of others through holistic healing. Surrounded by a family of entrepreneurs and through years of first-hand experience in the corporate world with some of the largest privately owned companies in Australia, she has developed an ideal set of skills geared towards self-employment and self-success.  

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